A Paradigm Shift

Giving Hope

Psychics solving cold cases.

A Strategic Artificial Intelligence Platform

A trusted intuitive network currently working with the Department of Justice to solve +7,000 cold cases.


Crowd Sourcing Information

Three focused data streams from Law Enforcement case files, publicly sourced tipster data, and a proven intuitive network


Artificial Intelligence

Identifying patterns between cold and new cases, crowd-sourced data, and the intuitive network.



Bobbi - Co-victim

"Thank you so so much and thank your intuitives. You have brought a lot of peace to his family."  


Rob Wells, Exec. Dir. FOHVAMP, Co-victim

"The group picked up on the fact that there were two people in the room when Sid was murdered. That fact was established by the FBI's Blood Splatter analysis and no one would know that."


Cathy Glad, Co-victim

"Thank you so much. I was recently informed by my sister  that the police are now involved and a private investigator.  Everything  listed in the  reports are accurate.  She tried to call for help but  one of the men that was with her took the phone from her and told the  person she called 'she’s fine there’s nothing wrong' and hung up.  Again, I want to thank you for your help."