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We are an Elite Team of Intuitives that have worked together on over 1000 cases providing information to federal, state, and local law enforcement that eventually leads to their resolution. Do you recall the highly publicized New York Jogger murder in 2016? We provided information that led directly to the suspect’s arrest.

But its manual work, only one case at a time. And at our max, we can take one case a week. What if, there was a way to automate what we do?

We are helping people solve crimes. We are using elite, vetted intuitives through a software platform to help provide information to law enforcement that can lead to them solving crimes faster. What if the software could assess case data, tips coming in, alongside intuitively provided information with its artificial intelligence? What if it could make connections between cases that up until now takes too much money, manpower, and time to do?

Introducing Impartial Witness®. The beauty of it is we are loading up the software with case data and will be able to create a central database across the U.S. It works with pattern recognition among cases. It can make connections between related cases that currently can’t be seen. And, as a secure virtual tip line, it can allow information and leads to be assessed quickly too, while it rates, ranks, and highlights the intuitives.

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Our Team

Joyce M. Jackson, CEO


Joyce M. Jackson is an accomplished executive with over thirty years’ experience as an entrepreneurial architect and business owner. She has worked as a project manager at NBBJ San Francisco and was Vice President and Managing Partner at GNU, her own 21 person architecture firm. Her expertise is in program management of large, complex projects which led her to create the Program Management System® while at GNU.

Marco ten Vaanholt


Marco ten Vaanholt is a seasoned parallel Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor and senior software executive that has helped build over 20 companies. He has worked as a global executive positions at SAP, Yahoo and Oracle in mostly product management, R&D and Sales before founding Bootup Ventures and the BootUp Startup Ecosyste

Jennifer M. Shaffer


Jennifer Shaffer is a world renowned Psychic Medium, Profiler, Author, Seer, Medical Intuitive and more. She has over ten years experience working with Law Enforcement on homicide and missing persons’ cases. Her work has been highlighted on Dr. Phil, FOX, and CBS, and she has been a reoccurring guest on the Ricki Lake show as an expert Psychic. 

Dr. Deborah Budding, PhD


Dr. Deborah Budding is a board-certified neuropsychologist who works with children, adolescents, and adults in the Los Angeles area. She also serves as an expert witness in relation to forensic matters.

Michelle Rossi Eddins


Michelle Rossi Eddins is a skilled marketing, media and public relations professional who has worked in communications firms as well as in-house for corporations. She has experience with clients such as Club Corp, Texas Back Institute, and Liberty Sports, and currently is consulting with several technology companies that are specializing in developing software applications. 

Robet M. Wells


Robert Wells is Head Law Enforcement Advisor. Mr. Wells is the Executive Director of Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Person’s (FOHVAMP), a nationally recognized nonprofit group focused on helping victims and co-victims of crimes. He spent a prolific career in U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence and founded the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy.