Testimonials & Endorsements


Testimonials and Endorsements


I just spent the weekend with Jennifer Shaffer and her amazing staff learning how to develop my intuition.  I was truly amazed at how much information I was able to receive just based on very little information like a picture or a name.   I’m looking forward to developing my intuition and having the chance to help victims and families with unsolved cases.
Tracey P., Los Angeles, California 


Jen has been able to communicate with my father as she sensed an extreme sadness when we first met, shortly after my father passed away. She re-assured me of his support and pride, and described in great detail what he was wearing which was so amazingly accurate.

Tasha P., Puyricard, France / Manhattan Beach, CA 

I'm still blown away by her accuracy and information. Jennifer is linked into the other side immediately and brings back very detailed information. She's got such good energy and heart you feel as soon as you connect. 

Jessica P. North Carolina, USA   

From this experience with Jennifer I am now a believer in the unknown. I feel blessed for that chance encounter at my bar that day, It saved my darling Jackie and enlightened me in a way I never would have believed. My dear Jennifer I am forever in you debt.

Patrick H., New York, NY 

From My Father's Perspective
"Casting out Evil Spirits and Healing the Sick"

I now believe that Jennifer's gift for healing those seeking closure to horrific crimes and helping to identify evil spirits is real. She is not clergy, she doesn't represent a church but she uses this gift with the purest of motives to help others find peace. I believe that her gifts will be recognized on earth, and like the "Good Samaritan," in heaven!

Jennifer's father, James H. Medlyn, California  

My heart exploded as immediately Jennifer identified a broken elbow, neck, and thyroid issues w NO hints from me. She NAMED my Grandmother Lillian and knew about my locket necklace with her picture in it--then giving me a most LOVING message only my grandmother could have known to give. She knew the month of my divorce, the lesson associated with it. Knew the book on my bookshelf and the message from it for me to assimilate. 

Natalie H.,    United States    

Jennifer helped me connect to my loved ones, and she was able to reveal things that were very private. Through her communication with my loved ones I was able to get a sense of clarity and most of all calmness about my world. I left feeling clam and uplifted. 

Anna G., West Hollywood  

I've had the opportunity to read with Jennifer and her gifts were clearly exhibited when my sister came through during our reading. She had recently passed and I was dealing with the loss and Jennifer made several comments that only Shelby would've made. 

Chase D., Frisco, Texas  


I was fortunate enough to be "guided" to Jennifer's website. When I say guided; I mean sent there by my daughter that passed over after a car accident last April. Since my first reading with Jennifer - I knew instantly that she and my daughter had a solid connection together. The messages are incredible.
Jeff H.    Kansas, MO